About the Book

Ten Things to do in a Conceptual Emergency was the first book produced by International Futures Forum in 2003 following a two year inquiry into how to restore the capacity for effective and responsible action in a world we no longer understand and cannot control.  A revised second edition was published in 2009 by Triarchy Press, now including both the core text on this site and several case studies of putting the 'Ten Things' into practice.   The book was written on behalf of the IFF's wider international clan by IFF Director Graham Leicester and Maureen O'Hara, a founder member and also President of IFF-US.  The illustrations are by Shona MacIver of Locofoco Ltd.

About IFF

International Futures Forum (IFF) is a non-profit organisation established to support a transformative response to complex and confounding challenges and to restore the capacity for effective and responsible action in today’s powerful times.


We address complex, messy, seemingly intractable issues – local, global and all levels in between. We respond to the conceptual emergency, wherever it shows up.


We work with governments, communities, businesses, foundations and others. We support people experiencing a combination of aspiration for something better and frustration that little they do seems to get them nearer their goal. We develop their capacity for inspiring and transformative innovation rather than simply propping up the old system, supporting them with the resources in our IFF Practice Centre.


Based on 15 years' experience we have learned how to help any group get back in touch with their highest aspirations and figure out how to realise them, not in the distant future but starting today.